Top Ten Tuesday (May 22): Non-Bookish Websites

It’s Top Ten Tuesday time over at The Broke and the Bookish! Time to make some lists and learn some stuff.

This week’s topic is [gasp!] not book-related. Unless you think that it is book-related in the sense that it is expressly not about books.

I think that made sense.

Maybe not.

Anyway, here’s the topic for the week!

Top Ten Blogs/Sites You Read That AREN’T about Books 

Disclaimer: This is hard. Most of the sites I read are about books. Or they’re blogs about my friends’ kids. I assume you’re probably not interested in those. But I do read a few non-bookish blogs. I don’t read all of these regularly, but when I do read them, I enjoy them. And here they are. In no particular order, because we’re really talking apples and oranges and kumquats here.

1. The Pioneer Woman. She does talk a little about books on here, mainly in her Homeschooling section, but the main reason I love her site are the step-by-step recipes (everything is delicious) and her posts about her life on a cattle ranch. Oh, and she also wrote a book, as well as a couple cookbooks. But most of the site is non-book-related. She also has the spin-off recipe site Tasty Kitchen, which makes my tummy rumble.

Photo Credit: Pioneer Woman

2. Hyperbole and a Half. I lost 2 hours of my life and laughed so hard I cried the first time I saw this blog. She posts sporadically, and actually hasn’t posted anything new in quite some time, but you can get lost in the archives forever. The MS Paint illustrations are what puts it over the top. Language warning on this site.

Image credit: Hyperbole and a Half

3. Cake Wrecks. A site about professional cakes gone hilariously wrong. You wouldn’t think there’d be that many humorously bad professional cakes out there that would be worth posting on the Internet. You would be wrong.

Photo Credit:

4. Sunny Tuesday. This is my friend Jessica’s craft site, and it’s the only strictly craft site I read. Her crafts are simple and always turn out super-cute, and make even a complete craft imbecile like myself feel like maybe I could tackle some of her projects.

Photo Credit: Sunny Tuesday

5. Jon Acuff. Jon is the author of the books Quitter and Stuff Christians Like, but although he is an author, his blog is mostly about inspiring people to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be, in a responsible and realistic fashion. He’s inspiring and hilarious. And as a bonus, he works with my husband, and his kids do weird things like lick the bottoms of their shoes. Which is the kind of thing (or the exact thing) my kids do.

Photo Credit: Jon Acuff

6. WHEDONesque. Where all things relating to the stories, actors, and various associates of Joss Whedon come together. I know. I’m a nerd.

Photo Credit:

7. xkcd. Sarcastic and often nerdy comics. You guys are probably learning too much about me today.

8. Epbot. From Jen, the mastermind behind Cake Wrecks. This is her personal blog, where she focuses mostly on geek girl crafts, steampunk, Disney characters, and Comic-Con. Again, you guys are learning too much about me. And again, I don’t actually attempt the crafts. I would destroy them, and not the kind of “destroy” that means “be so awesome I redefine the concept.” No, in this context, “destroy” = destroy. So I just like to look.

9. Rants From Mommyland. Funny posts about mommyhood. Makes me feel almost normal.

10. TVLine. Where I get the scoop on all the shows I watch. Or sometimes where I read about the shows I used to watch, because I don’t have time anymore to actually watch them.

Photo Credit: TVLine


I had to kind of stretch to actually come up with 10. Only the top 5 are blogs I read on a semi-consistent basis. But the important thing is: I finished the list. And that’s really what Top 10 Tuesday is all about, right? Finishing the list?


15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (May 22): Non-Bookish Websites

  1. I stopped by after reading your interview on Michelle Muto’s blog. Interesting non-book sites you mentioned! I’ve never visited any of the sites you’ve mentioned but will become a lurker of a few. 😉

    p.s. I’m leaving a comment ‘under neat’ your post. LOL
    C.E. Hart recently posted..Check it out!My Profile

    • YOU’RE WELCOME. They also have a “Membership” option which opens up randomly on occasion. I’m not sure what exactly Members get that is better than what I get, but I’m sure it’s amazing. I’ve never been able to get in on the member fun train, so I can’t say for sure. My guess is, they get a unicorn.
      TheHouseworkCanWait recently posted..Top Ten Tuesday (May 22)My Profile

  2. Let’s talk about Josh Whedon. Love. That is all. We’re watching Firefly right now. Also, I love that you read xkcd. It almost made it on my list.

    Also … Hyperbole and a half is pretty much a visual representation of my life.
    Especially this one

    • I occasionally burn out on Cakewrecks (they’re always hilarious, but I can only look at cakes for so many consecutive days, ya know?) but I always come back eventually 🙂 I kind of wish I lived in Florida so I could be friends with them in real life (because in my mind, the only thing keeping us from being BEST FRIENDS is geography).

  3. i just read through some of the sample pages of “stuff christians like” on amazon and was laughing quite a bit. i read the “Honeymoon Sex ranked as Slightly More awesome than the second coming of Christ” (or something similar) aloud to nick. we enjoyed that blurb.

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