It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (June 18)


Hello everyone, and welcome to another It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? post, hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. Last week I skipped my Monday post because I was so dreadfully behind. But I’m finally catching up to where I want to be. So here’s what I want to attempt for this week, keeping in mind that my anniversary (NINE YEARS SAY WHAAAAA????) is on Wednesday and so I may not have quite as much time as I think I do.

We’re going to go to Chili’s, because although there’s absolutely nothing cool about Chili’s, for some reason we really like it. I think it’s the chips.

And we are going to go see Snow White and the Huntsman, because although it’s receiving kinda lukewarm reviews, it is my husband’s most anticipated movie this year, other than The Hobbit. Yes, I am married to a man who anticipates Snow White and the Huntsman more than The AvengersThe Dark Knight Rises, Spiderman, The Bourne Legacy, and all the other comicy/actiony/geeky movies that I personally am excited about this year.

Don’t get me wrong, he still wants to see those too. But the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer has gotten into his blood, and there is no cure other than seeing it in all its CGI and K-Stew glory. (Disclaimer: he in no way wants to see it because of K-Stew.)

Anyway, I think I just digressed quite a bit. So. Here’s the books on my plate for this week:

First up, finishing Graceling and Fire by Kristin Cashore. I’m enjoying Graceling so far and am guessing that Fire will go pretty quickly once I get to it. I don’t have Bitterblue or the means to acquire it yet, so I’ll just have to wait on that one.

Once those are finished, I am going to exercise some self discipline (fancy that!) and start hacking away at my NetGalley list. I have a bunch of books waiting for me to read, and I keep putting them off, not because I don’t want to read them, but because I tend to give precedence to physical books. I just enjoy the reading experience more with paper.

I don’t know why. It’s just how I roll.

But release dates are creeping up, so I need to get a bunch of these NetGalley titles knocked out. So first up will be:

One Moment by Kristina McBride. This is a contemporary YA, which is not my usual fare, but the synopsis intrigued me. A mysterious death and a case of amnesia? I want to know what’s going on!

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross. Okay, I’m going out on a limb with this one, because I have not read The Girl in the Steel Corset, which is the first book in this series. I don’t normally plunge into Book 2 without reading Book 1 (actually, to my recollection, I have never done this), but I’ve heard such good things about these books and the cover is so pretty and the book was right there and I couldn’t resist.  I do have TGitSC on hold at my library, so I will eventually get the whole story. I just didn’t want to put this one off any more, since it’s already been released.

So that’s my week! We’ll see how I do 🙂 What are you reading?

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    • Oh yay! My Twitter’s been all “Looked pretty, but the movie kinda sucked” lately and it’s made me sad, because we (especially the hubs) were so excited about it. But we’re going to see it anyway, and maybe we’ll love it! I’m glad to find someone who said it was great 🙂

      I’ve heard awesome things about Graceling for forever, so I’m excited I’m finally reading it. So far so good!

  1. Wow, congratulations on the anniversary, 9 years is a long time.

    I quite enjoyed Snow White and The Huntsman, but my partner wasn’t very impressed with it – here’s hoping the two of you enjoy it. Even if you don’t love the film, it’ll still be a nice evening.

    I’ve picked up Graceling about 5 times in a bookshop recently, but then always ended up putting it back in favour of something else – I think I might wait and see how you feel once you’ve finished it!

    I’m definitely planning to get around to The Girl in The Steel Corset & The Girl in the Clockwork Collar though, thanks for reminding me about them!

    Hope you have a lovely anniversary, and good luck with the reading plans.
    Faith recently posted..Monday plansMy Profile

  2. Happy Anniversary! We’re all looking forward to Snow White and the Huntsman too, let us know what you think 🙂
    I loved Graceling and Fire and I’m hanging out to read Bitterblue but thanks to my lack of self control my NetGalley read/review list is out of control so my just-for-me read will have to wait LOL (sigh … serves me right)

    Have a great week and happy reading 🙂
    Teddyree recently posted..It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?My Profile

  3. Love the cover of One Moment…not my usual fare, either, but it does look intriguing. Have a great week!

    Have a happy anniversary, and I like Chili’s, too! The enchilada soup (and the drinks!) are my faves. And that’s not even getting into the entrees…lol


  4. Yay! So glad to see you are enjoying “Graceling”! I adore that book and “Fire” was just as good (in my opinion at least).

    The contemp YA looks very interesting, I may have to scout it out on NetGalley as well or just be patient and wait til it releases. 🙂 After all, I’ve got so many TBR books I’m not sure I’ll ever get through the stack.

    (and I’ll be emailing tonight, I haven’t forgotten about you I promise!)
    Sarah @ Breaking the BInding recently posted..It’s Monday! What Are You Reading June 18th?My Profile

    • Yes, The Hobbit trumps all other movies to him, because he’s a huge LOTR fan, but the trailer for SWATH completely wooed him!

      And I know, the NetGalley thing is so easy to get carried away! Fortunately, a lot of the books on my list are late August/September releases, so I have some time, but I needed to jump on the June/July ones!

  5. This is a fun meme! Your hubby sounds like fun to me :). We haven’t seen the movie, but I’m sure it won’t be long til we do! Congrats on your anniversary. Hope I last that long! Haven’t read any of the books you referenced, but I am reading Nightmare by Chelsea Cameron ebook and in the middle of two hardbacks, Sarah Jio’s Bungalow and a very slow read of Kate Atkinson’s Started Early took my Dog (started in May and it may be December before I wade through it)…much prefer paper physical books!
    Beth Cutwright recently posted..Feature&Follow FridayMy Profile

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you and the hubs have a fantastic day! Also…Graceling was totally FABBY! You will love it! I haven’t read Fire yet, but that’s only because I have yet to get my grubby little hands on it! Have a great week!!! 😀

  7. Happy anniversary! I just finished Fire this weekend. I read it before Graceling, though, which might be bad but I’m not sure. I haven’t read Graceling’s synopsis or anything which makes me hope I haven’t spoiled anything. I think.

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