Top Ten Tuesday (August 28) – Bookish Confessions

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by our friends over at The Broke and the Bookish!

Today’s topic is dangerous. I’m nervous. But here you go. In no particular order.

Top Ten Bookish Confessions

1. I dog ear pages. Not in my lovely new hardbacks, but in my old, well-worn paperbacks? You betcha.

2. I’ve been known to use books as coasters. Again, not the shiny new ones. But my old books have taken their share of abuse.

3. I check books out of the library ALL THE TIME without setting aside time to actually read them, and they wind up going back either unread or half finished. Yes. I am that annoying person who has the book you want. And I’m not even reading it.

4. I prefer Jane Austen movies to Jane Austen books. Love her characters and her stories. The books don’t hold my attention the way I wish they did.

5. I read while I eat lunch. I try my best not to get food on my books. Sometimes I fail. (Basically what we’re learning in these confessions is that I am disgusting.)

6. I can’t read Shakespeare. I love to see it dramatized, but when I see it on the page, I just get bored. My brain can’t turn the words on the page into this:

7. I didn’t like The Great Gatsby. At all. I don’t even want to see the movie.

8. Although I love all things supernatural in my stories, and I love many of his other books, I’ve tried reading Stephen King’s Dark Tower series twice, and failed both times. Can’t seem to make it past Book 4.

9. I enjoy a well-done love triangle.

10. While I’m not a fan of the actual writing and do think the story is intellectually absurd, I really enjoyed Twilight. And Breaking Dawn was my favorite, even though it makes the least amount of sense and has the worst ending.

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (August 28) – Bookish Confessions

  1. I, too, have a library problem… and I ‘contribute’ to the coffers all the time with my late fees for that one or two I actually am reading. One bummer is with our library is that you can only renew a book once online – you get a funny little message that if you want to bring the book in to prove you have it, they will check it back out to you! I would rather keep it a little longer and pay a fine than go in to check it out for another 3 days! 😀

    Hopping by to say Hi! Hope you have a chance to read my Bookish Confessions!
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  2. I used to love to eat when reading but I had to stop. I never noticed how much I was eating because I was too interested in the book. And I know it’s awful but I totally get number 4. They’re just something amazing about the Jane Austen movies and TV adaptations that lacking in the books.
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