THE 13TH SIGN Preorder Contest! (@KTubb)

Welcome to DAY TAURUS of 13 Days of THE 13TH SIGN Preorder Contest! TAURUS is traditionally considered to be the second sign of the zodiac. TAURUS characteristics include: successful, dependable, faithful, a homebody, obsessive, and patient. (Want to learn more about your 12-sign horoscope, your 13-sign horoscope, and which horoscope sign you ACT like? Take THE 13TH SIGN quiz!)

The Housework Can Wait is happy to host Day Two of this contest!

So. What is this contest all about?

If you preorder a copy of THE 13TH SIGN by Kristin O’Donnell Tubb, you will be entered into a contest! Where you can WIN THINGS! And there are new prizes every day!

And. EVERY preorder will be *matched* by a $1.00 donation to RIF, a literacy program committed to placing books in the hands of kids who need them most.

What can I win TODAY?

If you preorder THE 13TH SIGN today, Saturday, November 24th, you could win:

-key charm
-star-spangled headband
-signed 13th Sign swag
-signed copy of DEFIANCE by C. J. Redwine
-signed THE DARK UNWINDING by Sharon Cameron swag
Kristin O’Donnell Tubb
-a 13th SIGN tshirt

How do I enter?

Preorder THE 13TH SIGN! You can preorder it through Amazon, Barnes & NobleIndiebound, or through your local independent bookstore. Then email your receipt TO KRISTIN at You will be entered into that day’s drawing, the grand prize drawing, and your purchase will be *matched* by a $1.00 donation to RIF!

Are there other ways to enter the contest?

Yep! You can be entered into the daily prize drawings by doing one or more of the following:
-Each preorder of THE 13TH SIGN = 10 entries into grand prize drawing and 10 entries into that day’s drawing
– Each person who blogs about the contest = 10 entries into that day’s drawing
-Each person who changes Twitter or Facebook avatar to cover = 5 entries into that day’s drawing (for each day it is present)
-Each Tweet or Facebook status mention of the book and contest = 2 entries for that day’s drawing (must include hashtag #the13thsign)
-Each RT of book and/or contest = 1 entry for that day’s drawing

BUT. You have to preorder THE 13TH SIGN to enter to win the grand prize and to have your purchase matched with a RIF donation.

ALSO. To make sure you get the correct amount of entries, please let Kristin know if you’ve done any of the above! You can email her at with everything you’ve done to enter.

What is the grand prize?

A Nexus 7 ereader! BOOM. The grand prize will be given away on Kristin’s blog ( on Friday, December 7th.

How long does the preorder contest last?

13 days total! You can visit these other blogs for each day’s prizes:
DAY ARIES: The Book Vortex
DAY TAURUS: The Housework Can Wait
DAY GEMINI: Magnet 4 Books
DAY CANCER: Abby the Librarian
DAY LEO: Mother Daughter Book Club
DAY VIRGO: S. R. Johannes/Market My Words
DAY LIBRA: Elizabeth O. Dulemba
DAY SCORPIO: Citrus Reads
DAY OPHIUCHUS: Young Adult Books Central
DAY SAGITTARIUS: Bloggers [heart] Books
DAY CAPRICORN: – Middle Grade Mafioso
DAY AQUARIUS: Smack Dab in the Middle
DAY PISCES: From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle Grade Authors

Good luck! And don’t forget to take THE 13TH SIGN quiz!

Review and Guest Post: The Reluctant Bachelorette Blog Tour

The Plot (from Goodreads)

Unknowingly cast as the bachelorette for her town’s charity event, Taycee Emerson wants out. Especially when she discovers her old teenage crush, Luke Carney, is one of the bachelors and it’s up to the viewers–not her–to decide which bachelors stay or go.

Coerced into participating, Taycee does what any self-preserving girl would do. She launches a subtle attack on Luke’s good name with the hope of getting him voted off the show. Unfortunately, Luke’s an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, and when he discovers what she’s up to, it means revenge.

But when their pranks go south, will they screw up any chance they have at a future together, or will they be able to forgive and forget and prove that love really does conquer all?

My Thoughts

This book reminded me of an early-2000s rom-com, and I mean that in the best possible way. It was fun and light, and yes, occasionally far-fetched, but that was okay.

Assuming that you accept the premise of the book — that Shelter’s Bachelorette would have been cast and promoted without ever getting permission from the bachelorette herself, and that Taycee would then have no choice but to play along — it was a good time. I liked Taycee, and she kept me entertained even when she was neck-deep in a hairbrained scheme that made me want to yet, “Not a good idea!”

The romance in this story was sweet and innocent, squeaky-clean without feeling false, and I stayed fully invested in Taycee and Luke’s stories all the way through. I did think Taycee was a much better developed character than Luke, since I never really understood his motivations for several things, or why he changed his mind on certain topics, but he was still a likable character whom I wanted to root for. I also wasn’t completely sold on Luke needing a few chapters in his POV, as I thought Taycee’s POV was probably sufficient, but it didn’t keep me from enjoying it. I really liked the development of some of the bachelors; even though they weren’t the most fully fleshed-out characters ever, they brought an assortment of personalities and quirks to the story that added a lot of entertainment value. I wish we got to find out what befell several of the unsuccessful bachelors after the conclusion of the show, but much like on actual reality shows, the spotlight is reserved for the winner.

Overall, The Reluctant Bachelorette was a clean, lighthearted, funny, and entertaining read that I highly enjoyed.

Content Guide: No offensive content.

Guest Post by author Rachael Renee Anderson – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In a perfect world, only the good would exist. But this world isn’t perfect, so unfortunately, along with the good comes the bad and the ugly. It’s just the way it is. Well, I’m a believer of the good. A firm believer. Like all movies and books that depict how good ultimately conquers evil, I’m one that believes good will one day overpower evil. And I look forward to that day.

I also think small acts of kindness can have a far-reaching rippling effect in this world–like that of a rock thrown into a pond. A girl I knew in high school will always be a great example, even proof, of that fact. She was beautiful and popular, and it wasn’t until I spent time with her that I realized it wasn’t her beauty that made her popular. It was her kindness.

She went out of her way to say hi to people, and coupled with that hi was always a compliment. “Hey, cute shirt!” “I love your hair today!” “Great job on the _____ test!” Whatever it was, she always had something nice to say. Something genuine.

And THAT is why people loved her. She made them feel better about themselves, happier–a happiness that would then transfer onto others. Hence the rippling effect.

Likewise, bad and ugly things can ripple, too. Negativity and cruelty drags people down. It has the power to hurt, maim, disintegrate. It does NO good–not in any environment, be it work, home, school, or writing. I’d like to say that I’ve never said or done anything mean to anyone, but unfortunately, that’s not true. Over the years, though, I have come to realize that finding and pointing out the good in others is what makes me the happiest.

So I have a challenge for you: For one week, only say positive things to your family, coworkers, friends, children, etc. I guarantee that it will not only make them happier and better people, but it will make you a better and happier person. And by so doing, you will conquer a little bit of the bad and ugly in this world.

Visit the other stops on the Blog Tour!

Tour Giveaway (shared rafflecopter for entry) – October 1st to 31st:
-Grand Prize
Print copy of The Reluctant Bachelorette (Ebook for International winner)
$15 Amazon Gift Card
Copy of the DVD Sneakers (US only)
-Print copy of The Reluctant Bachelorette
-3 Kindle Ebook Copy of The Reluctant Bachelorette

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Uncontrollable Blog Tour: Building Community & Giveaway (@srjohannes)

I am excited today to be participating in the blog tour for Uncontrollable, the second book in the Nature of Grace series by S.R. Johannes. She’s here posting her tips for building community in the book world, and I think she’s got some great advice, whether you’re a writer or a blogger. Then you can check out some information on the book, and even win an e-copy of your very own, courtesy of S.R. Johannes. Thanks for joining me, S.R.!

S.R. Johannes Guest Post – “Building Community”

To me, community is everything in this business. Building a community is my main focus in marketing. Some people see marketing as ads and promoting all the time. I see it as building relationships. I always seek to help others first and I always try and keep a personal connection with those I meet.

Tips to building community:

• Find blogs you like and comment
• Choose your networks wisely
• Spread the word about another’s blog or book
• Don’t talk about yourself all the time
• Be present – Stay out there and visible
• Focus on getting to know your users – not what they can do for you.
• Build a network over time, not overnight
• Be yourself and show your personality
• Respond to tweets, emails, and messages
• Be humble and grateful
• Give credit where credit is due
• Give back
• Don’t do auto-tweets – it doesn’t fool any one
• Be interesting and helpful in posts

I am of the belief it is better to succeed with people than succeed alone. So this is where my belief of community comes in. Building a community that supports is essential to any writer’s career – published or not, traditional or indie.

About “The Nature of Grace”

Uncontrollable is the second book in “The Nature of Grace” series by S.R. JohannesUntraceable, the first book in the series, has won and been nominated for several awards including Winner of the 2012 IndieReader Discovery Award (YA), 2012 Georgia Author of the Year (YA Nominee), and a finalist in The Kindle Book Review’s “Best Indie Book of 2012 (YA)”.

Kirkus reviewed Untraceable as “A thrilling story is a dramatic entanglement of mystery, deception and teen romance.  The action flows like a brisk mountain stream interspersed with rapids, holding suspense to last page.”

If you like a page turner, you will love this series!

To continue on with the blog tour, check out the line up! Where SR talks about anything from marketing to writing to her books to personal interviews and giveaways.

Book Summary

As 16-year-old Grace recovers from tragedy, her science class is chosen by Agent Sweeney at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to help with research on the new “Red Wolf Reintroduction Program”. 

While she’s excited about helping with the conservation of the endangered wolves, Grace knows this means being outdoors in the worst winter recorded, in a place she no longer feels comfortable. It also means working closely with Wyn (her ex) and his annoying girlfriend (Skyler), a girl whose idea of getting close to nature is picking silk plants and growing fake plants. 

After a couple of wolves show up dead, Grace almost quits. However, when a fellow project team member goes missing, Grace continues the assignment under a renewed suspicion that someone might be sabotaging the conservation program. She quietly begins to hunt for clues. 

Little does she know, she is being hunted too. 

On Sale Now! 

Uncontrollable is on sale in paperback and ebook at all major booksellers including Amazon, iBooks/AppleSmashwords, and B&N.

If you haven’t read Untraceable, you can get it in paperback and ebook at all major booksellers including AmazonAppleSmashwords, and B&N.

Author Bio

S.R. Johannes is the author of award-winning and Amazon bestselling Untraceable (a teen wilderness thriller) and new tween paranormal, On The Bright Side. She has also published short novelettes as well as a teen romance anthology with 16 other authors titled, In His Eyes.  Uncontrollable, the sequel to Untraceable, is scheduled for September 2012.

S.R. Johannes is a winner of the 2012 IndieReader Discovery Awards (Young Adult) and was also recently nominated for 2012 Georgia Author of the Year (Young Adult). Untraceable was also recently named a Finalist in The Kindle Book Review’s Indie Book of the Year (YA)

After earning an MBA and working in corporate America, S.R. Johannes traded in her expensive suits, high heels, and corporate lingo for a family, flip-flops, and her love of writing.  She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her dog, British-accented husband, and the huge imaginations of their little prince and princess, which she hopes- someday- will change the world.


Follow S.R. online on her websiteTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest

You can also sign up for her newsletter to keep up on author or book news.


Enter below to win an e-copy of Uncontrollable!
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Book Blast: The Reluctant Bachelorette by Rachael Anderson

I’m trying something new today – participating in a Book Blast. The idea is to help increase awareness of a book by a bunch of bloggers promoting it at the same time. I’ll be honest — I haven’t read this one yet. But I decided to participate because it sounds light and fun, and I’ve been reading some darker stuff lately and thought it was about time for some fluffy chick lit. Rest assured I will read it soon, then post a review.

In the meantime, read the synopsis, buy a copy if it sounds like something you’d be interested in (the Kindle version is only $0.99!), and while you’re at it, enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

The Reluctant Bachelorette by Rachael Anderson

Unknowingly cast as the bachelorette for her town’s charity event, Taycee Emerson wants out. Especially when she discovers her old teenage crush, Luke Carney, is one of the bachelors and it’s up to the viewers–not her–to decide which bachelors stay or go.

Coerced into participating, Taycee does what any self-preserving girl would do. She launches a subtle attack on Luke’s good name with the hope of getting him voted off the show. Unfortunately, Luke’s an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, and when he discovers what she’s up to, it means revenge.

But when their pranks go south, will they screw up any chance they have at a future together, or will they be able to forgive and forget and prove that love really does conquer all?

About the Author:

Rachael Anderson is the author of four contemporary romances: Divinely Designed, Luck of the Draw, Minor Adjustments, and The Reluctant Bachelorette. She’s the mother of four, can’t sing, doesn’t dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.



FB fan page:




Amazon author page:

Giveaway Details:

$50 Amazon Gift Code compliments of Author Rachael Renee Anderson

Ends 10/31/12

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I’ve been blogging six months! How about a GIVEAWAY?

75% of the reason for this post is because I wanted an excuse to use this gif.

So I glanced down at the date on my computer last week (which is the only way I ever know what month it is, BTW) and realized I was coming up on my six-month blogiversary. How nifty is that? It seems only last week that I was telling my husband, “hey, I think I want to start a book blog so I have a reason to not watch so much TV.”

Yes, that was one of my actual reasons for starting this blog. It kind of succeeded.

And since then, I have discovered many fabulous books and awesome authors. I’ve even met some of them, which rocks. Plus I’ve met some pretty fantastic fellow bloggers, and learned about some incredible events that take place right in my city that I never knew existed. So basically, what I’m saying is, this blog was a good idea.

So to celebrate you putting up with my rambling for six months (or six minutes, depending on when you started following me), I’ve decided to give one of you a present. I’m going to let you pick one book from my top 10 favorite books I have read since I started blogging. (It was hard to narrow down this list. I’ve read a lot of good books in the past six months!)

Here are your options (clicking the book title will take you to my review):

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Crown of Embers by Rae Carson

Defiance by C.J. Redwine

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Timepiece by Myra McEntire

To enter, just fill out the handy-dandy rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • US only (sorry, I’m poor)
  • You must be 13 or older
  • Winner will be notified by email and have 48 hours to respond. In the event the first winner does not respond in 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.
  • I will be checking IP addresses and follow names, so don’t try to cheat. You WILL be disqualified. Plus, cheating is lame. You don’t want to be lame.
  • Good luck!

Thanks to those of your who have been reading my blog since March, and those of you who just found me five minutes ago. It’s been fun!