#SYTYCD Book Pitch – Season 9 Week 8 (@DANCEonFOX)

It’s Final Four time! I can’t say I’m in love with this top 4, as only one of my favorites is left standing (and since there will be two winners this season — one guy and one girl — I really wanted one of my male favorites to still be in it), but there were still some awesome routines last night.

Interestingly, I guess if you go by the routines I’ve picked for these book pitches, Chehon actually is one of my favorites, because I’ve selected his routines several times. But my heart still misses the ones who were eliminated.

I don’t know if we’ll see anything new next week in the finale — probably a new group routine, but normally the finale is an opportunity to revisit season highlights. But I’ll probably do a final pitch next week, even if it is a dance from a prior week, just so I have an excuse to do one more.

Anyway, here’s my pick for this week.

Song: Leave from “Once”

Choreographer: Stacey Tookey

Dancers: Chehon and Allison (Season 2)

Pitch: A boy and a girl grow up together as part of a small colony on a remote planet. Finally, as teenagers, they admit to the growing attraction they’ve both been feeling. But no sooner has their young romance blossomed than a ship shows up to take the girl’s family back to Earth, a plan that had been in place since before she was born. By the time the ship makes it back at relativistic speeds, everyone who remains back in the colony will be long dead. The girl is forced to make a choice: Stay with the family she relies on, or the boy she could love?

Suggested Author: Diana Peterfreund

What did you think of the final four’s performances? Did any of the routines particularly inspire you? And who do you think our two champions will be?

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4 thoughts on “#SYTYCD Book Pitch – Season 9 Week 8 (@DANCEonFOX)

    • My favorite was Season 7, for Robert and Kent and Billy and Alex and Lauren, and for the All Stars, which I have utterly adored from their inception. Runner up would be S5, because it was the first season I watched and therefore it holds a place of honor in my heart.

      I haven’t connected as well these past couple seasons, maybe because I loved S7 SO much and it’s hard to meet that same level of adoration. But I really like Eliana a lot. I hope she wins for the girls.

      I’m not really a big Cyrus or Chehon fan, but I voted for Chehon since he is definitely the superior dancer. And since all my favorites were gone, I had to pick one of them! I do think it’s been a pretty enjoyable season though. Thanks for stopping by!
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