Top Ten Tuesday (July 31) – Characters I’d Like to Switch Places With

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by our friends over at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week, I’m mostly answering based on who the supporting characters in the story are, or what the world is like. Because if we’re switching places, I’m obviously not meeting that character. But I don’t necessarily (or at all) want to participate in their romances or conflicts. Just want to take a nice little trip to their fictional world.

Also, you’ll notice there’s a conspicuous absence of period pieces, and the reason for that is simple: I really, really don’t want to wear a corset. Also, I imagine the bathroom and hygiene situation would kinda skeeve me out.

But, you put on your list…” SHHHH. I don’t want to hear it. My logic is not good, but it’s mine.

Now that I’ve utterly confused you, today’s topic is…

Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With For 24 Hours

(as always, in no particular order)

Thomas, The Maze Runner, during one of his first days in the Maze. I want to meet Chuck and Minho, and I want to see the Glade. I do NOT want to go into the Maze, and you can’t make me.

Buttercup, The Princess Bride, after the events of the story are over and they’re living out their happily-ever-after. I want to meet Inigo Montoya. And Westley and Fezzik. But mostly Inigo.

Katniss, Mockingjaysometime between the end and the epilogue. Mostly because I spent the entire trilogy thinking that Peeta needed a hug.

Bella, TwilightIn this scenario, do the other characters know we’ve traded places, or do they assume I am the character I’ve switched with? Because for this to make sense, everyone would have to think I was Bella. Because my goal here would be to break up with Edward, then get on a plane to go live with Renee in Florida.

Harry, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanI want to experience Hogwarts during one of the lighter years, and hang out with Ron and Hermione. And if I go during their third year, I’d get to meet Lupin. Score.

Mr. Abshire, The Time Traveler’s WifeOn that day. You know. That day. I would tell Mark I didn’t feel very well and we were staying home, and then I’d stay in bed all day.

Nate, Timepiece. I just want to live at the Hourglass and hang out with Em and Michael and Kaleb and Lily.

ANY of the children, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenBefore all the shenanigans start, obviously.

America, The SelectionI WANT TO BE A PRETTY PRINCESS. Also, Maxon is fun.

Polly, The Magician’s NephewShe gets to see SO MANY WORLDS. How many pools do you think I could jump in in 24 hours?

So there’s a slightly disturbing glance into my thought process. Who would you trade with?

35 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (July 31) – Characters I’d Like to Switch Places With

  1. I’d totally live in Twilight. I don’t care what anybody else says, it’s a fantastic world with great characters. It would be awesome to be in their shoes for a day.

    I’d totally love to go to Hogwarts! I’d use Dumbledore’s Pensive and get rid of a few thoughts before I left.
    Mary-Sweet Bookshelf recently posted..The ‘ol SwitcherooMy Profile

    • I don’t think it really takes a lot of bravery to spend a day in the beginning of MR when Thomas spends most of his time gardening, or the end of Mockingjay when Katniss is just hanging out in her giant house 😉

  2. I love all of your reasons! And yes, Peeta absolutely just needed a hug. And maybe some cookies, but if you were Katniss he’d have to make them himself since she’s not very good at cooking.

    I picked Ginny because I’d want to meet all three members of the trio and spend some time hanging with Neville and Luna. The only problem is that it’d be awkward being in her head and trying to not have a crush on her brother. But hey, you know how it goes.

    I think you totally should’ve put Ana on this list. Can you kick yourself in the head in that case?
    Sarah @ Breaking the BInding recently posted..Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With For 24 HoursMy Profile

  3. I didn’t even think of Miss Peregrine or the kids! That would be an EXCELLENT world to visit! I also chose Harry Potter…but I wanted to be Hermonie…I’d like to hang out with the hilariousness that is Harry and Ron…also the weasley twins!!! 🙂

  4. Oh my god. I swear this is the best list ever. Personally, I think you’re my new role model, I mean, I totally agree with your reason on why you’d like to take Bella’s place.

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